Travel Document

    Before your travel, please be sure that you have fulfilled the necessary travel document requirement of the country that you'd like to go, including the other country/countries that you will do transit connection. You may check it over the IATA Travel Web Page via

    However, due to many different requirements based on the countries' border authorities regulations, if you have any doubt so please be sure your travel document via contact with your airline and/or the embassy of the destination/transit country.

    The final decision is belong to the Airline and it's service provider based on the IATA Timatic information and you may be refused to check in. There is no authority of any agency in Republic of Kosovo other than airline and its service provider, for the travel document needs of your destination country.

    LKIA shall not accept any responsibility about the information in this page or any other 3rd party. This page or any other 3rd party information shall not be taken intoan account for your flight and shall not be accepted as a proof. The final decision shall be taken during the check in process.