Need an Assistance?

    LKIA Ground Handling provides an assitance upon request of airline on behalf of passenger (it needs correct reservation and ticketing) or passenger directly ask from LKIA. If you need an assistance for your departure, you may follow the behind steps:

    For PRM (Wheelchair) Service:

  • - Ask from your airline during your reservation/ticketing first
  • - If you prefer you have this service from LKIA, contact to write your name, surname, flight no, PNR at least 36 hours before from the flight
  • - Be aware that LKIA reserves its rigth to ask from you to proove your situation with medical report, it's on your own cost
  • - Your airline must approve your request during check in, related reservation must be transmitted by air carrier to us otherwise we may not be able to help you

  • If you have assistant dog with you, if your air carrier has no any special limitation, your assistant dog will travel with you.

    If you have a handbag, it will be carried by you in WHC or by our staff, in the limit of handbag size, kg and only 1 pieces.

    You may read our "Special Assistance" document from here.