Information & Lost and Found

Info Desk and Lost&Found services in Limak Kosovo JSC provide all necessary information and founded baggage service to passengers.

Passengers whose luggage is delayed, should proceed directly to Lost & Found with their flight ticket, baggage claim tag, identity card and passport at the same day of their arrival before leaving the terminal. We will explore and clarify the matter as quickly as possible.

Contact Info:
Phone:00383 (0)38 501 502 1214

Lost & Found
Phone:00383 (0)38 501 502 1270

Lost & Found

If your baggage has been delayed or lost during your flight, you need to inform our Lost & Found Service as soon as possible. Our L&F agent will assist you in completing a lost baggage report describing the model, make and color of your baggage. You will be asked for your flight ticket and baggage tag receipt. After you report your lost baggage, the Lost & Found Service will immediately process your report and begin to trace your lost baggage. You will be contacted as soon as your baggage has been located and turned back at Prishtina International Airport ‘Adem Jashari’

If you find any difficulties in finding the related information for your Lost & Found baggage procedures please contact the Lost and Found at:

Tel: +383(0) 38 501 502 1270
Tel: +383(0) 38 501 502 1271