Sta. Est. Flight From Status
20:2022:50W97792London - LutonLANDED 22:48
21:0521:10W45553MilanARRIVED 21:10
21:5021:34PC341Istanbul - Sabiha GokcenARRIVED 21:38
22:1522:35IV611Basel - MulhouseARRIVED 22:35
22:2522:58IV677NurembergSCHEDULED 22:58
Sta. Est. Flight To Status
19:0020:00EW5705HamburgTAKE OFF 20:10
19:1520:25EZS1496GeneveTAKE OFF 20:44
20:0020:10EC5366BerlinTAKE OFF 20:17
20:1520:15GM603ZurichTAKE OFF 20:24
20:3020:30EZS1206Basel - MulhouseTAKE OFF 20:48

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